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Five Strategies To Rescue Your Marriage Starting Today with Kingsley Grant [PODCAST Ep. 23]

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Happier Marriage Secrets
Five Strategies To Rescue Your Marriage Starting Today with Kingsley Grant [PODCAST Ep. 23]

Rescue Your Marriage Now!

I know you are familiar with the acronym "ASAP," which means As soon as possible. When someone suggests you do something ASAP, you tend to feel pressured and the need to respond almost right away. Right?

It's the same as marriage, and we cannot deny that sometimes there's an urgency to act quickly to solve problems and in some cases, rescue your relationship. You don't want to wait. It could easily get worse.

You know, most couples wait until the last moment, until things are so bad, that's when they decide to go for counseling. That's not a recommended time.

The moment you begin to see things going awry where you're unable to work through some of your differences, you want to get help. Don't wait until one conflict grows into something that is out of control.

Even though in rare cases, some marriages have been turned around from the precipice of disaster, it is not the norm. Your marriage may not survive such. Don't take chances.

But even if your marriage is questionable right now, it may require some heavy lifting on your part, but it's possible for you to turn that marriage around.

In this episode, you'll discover five strategies to rescue your marriage starting today. These strategies are outlined in sequential order and are linked. Listen and reflect on which one of these you need to work on starting today!

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"Remember, you are one skill away from your hope of a happier marriage."

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