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11 Rules For Happier Marriages and Why Most Couples Want Number 5 [POCAST]

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Happier Marriage Secrets
11 Rules For Happier Marriages and Why Most Couples Want Number 5 [POCAST]

Rules are an important part of any relationship, and this is especially true in the context of a marriage. 

In a marriage, rules serve as protection and guideposts for a happy and lasting relationship. 

By following these rules and putting in the effort to make your marriage a priority, you can create a strong and lasting relationship that brings you both joy and fulfillment. It is important for each couple to identify the rules that work best for them and to continually communicate and adjust as needed.

In this episode, you'll discover eleven rules that will create an environment for happier marriages.  The fifth rule might surprise you as most couples would choose this one as the most important. I would love to hear your thoughts and see if you agree or not agree.

Also, please share which you would rate as your number one rule. You'll also hear what the host - Kingsley Grant - chose as his.

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